Dr. Inna is proud to include the following equipment in her arsenal of dental technologies, thereby ensuring top-notch care for her patients.

DEKA Smart US-20D CO2 Laser

The Smart US-20D CO2 laser has an innovative design and technical capabilities that combine for better accuracy in micro-surgical applications. As a result, most patients have a smoother post-operative recovery.

According to its documentation, DEKA’s proprietary UltraSpeed pulse “allows the clinician the capability to incise tissue with the speed of a scalpel while sealing blood vessels for a bloodless surgical field. The speed of the pulse allows the surrounding tissue time to cool. The result is virtually no trauma to the surrounding tissue. This means faster, more precise incisions, with improved healing properties.”

The use of this laser often lets dentists complete treatments without the need for sutures.

DEXIS Platinum Digital Radiography System

The DEXIS Radiography System allows the ability to see subtleties using digital radiography, which is crucial to diagnosis and determining treatment options. It produces clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear and highly detailed and more consistent.

Utilizing a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies allows Dr. Inna and her team to reduce patients’ overall radiation exposure to very minimal levels.

NOMAD X-ray System

Utilizing the utilizes the latest in X-ray technology, this handheld X-ray system produces sharp, clear radiographic images. It consistently delivers precise, repeatable exposures that allow Dr. Inna and her team to make an efficient and effective diagnosis of patients’ needs and recommend the optimum treatment option.

PRExion CBCT Scanner

When it comes to evaluations before procedures, accuracy is critical. Fortunately, Dr. Inna’s technological arsenal also includes a PRExion CBCT scanner. This machine is an extraordinary combination of precise 3D imaging, large image detail, and low levels of radiation exposure that can be leveraged for reliable diagnostic and digital planning initiatives.

The scanner takes three-dimensional images of not only teeth, but also the skull, maxilla (upper jaw), and mandible (lower jaw), which allows our team to diagnose with much greater detail and accuracy. The scan allows us to see what is normal and what is abnormal, such as sinus deviations, airway, bone loss, failed root canals, proximity of nerves, etc. Additionally, it is a fantastic adjunct to panoramic and two-dimensional x-rays when it comes to implant placement.


The VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System affords a simple process for the enhanced visualization of mucosal abnormalities. This handheld wireless scope leverages natural tissue fluorescence to highlight issues that might not even be visible to the naked eye. With this tool, our team can even detect oral cancer and premalignant dysplasia.. Dr. Inna’s implementation of this cutting-edge technology is yet another reason her patients express such overall satisfaction with their dental care.

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